AOK counts on the Orchestra eHealth Suite

x-tention and partners receive the nod of the AOK – the Orchestra eHealth Suite software is used in Germany’s first digital health network.

The AOK community builds a digital health network for its insurants and thus takes on a pioneering task among German health insurances.  Through the digital health network its 25 million insurants will always have a self-determined access to their health information wherever they want. Using the health network, it will be very simple to transmit a hospital’s discharge letter to a general practitioner or to send information on a diagnosis to a medical specialist.

“We look forward to working with such a powerful and innovative partner with national and international eHealth experience”, says Martin Litsch, CEO of the AOK – Federal Association (AOK-Bundesverband).

The InterComponentWare AG and the soffico GmbH, as leading manufacturers of software for IHE-systems, and the IT solution provider x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH, which is established in the health and social care sector, have bundled their strengths in the offered software Orchestra eHealth Suite, and absolutely convinced the AOK.  “With our partnership of established software manufacturers, our extensive project experience and the quality of the Orchestra eHealth Suite we can support the AOK with the implementation of their digital health network. We are looking forward to the cooperation”, says Bernhard Kronsteiner, CEO of the x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH.




The digital AOK Health Network

The AOK health network will be the digital one-stop shop for all matters relating to personal health. Based on innovative, international IT, security and data protection standards, information, interactions and products in the healthcare system are holistically represented, synergies used, and the health-related competence of the insured strengthened. This enables medical care to be much more targeted and coordinated in the future.

The networking of information from GPs, specialists, hospitals, pharmacies, portals and self-collected data, such as fitness trackers or apps, creates a digital health network. The insured person decides who can see this data. Data security is ensured by a decentralized data management, i. e. the data itself is stored where it is generated. The AOK itself has no access to the personal health data of the insured.




InterComponentware AG (ICW) Logo                             

InterComponentWare AG (ICW) has been developing future-oriented software solutions for a secure, cross organization data exchange in the healthcare sector with an internationally experienced team for 20 years. The ICW eHealth Suite offers powerful, coordinated modules from which tailor-made eHealth solutions can be built.

The Augsburg based soffico GmbH develops the future-proof and innovative standard software Orchestra Healthcare Edition. Orchestra connects the IT systems in organizations and across organizations optimally adapted to the requirements of healthcare services.

x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH harmonizes and integrates the varied IT systems of hospitals, old people’s and nursing homes as well as social institutions. The basis for the tailor-made solutions is on the one hand, the well-founded expertise of the team of software developers, operating specialists, and consultants and on the other, the long-standing IT experience in health and social services.