Dr. Ralf Brandner

Dr. Ralf Brandner studied medical informatics at the University of Heidelberg and Heilbronn University of Applied Science, from where he graduated in 1998. From 1998 until 2003, he worked on electronic medical records projects as a research assistant at the University Hospital of Heidelberg. In 2002, he obtained his PhD on the topic “Digital Signatures of Documents in Hospitals“. Mr. Brandner joined ICW in 2004. He is deeply involved with key industry workgroups such as HL7, IHE, and bvitg.

Dr. Ralf Brandner, Executive of InterComponentWare AG (ICW)
Hans Gerwing, Executive of InterComponentWare AG (ICW)

Hans Gerwing

Hans Gerwing is responsible for the development of the ICW eHealth Suite, covering all functions from solution planning and definition via software development to support. Mr. Gerwing joined ICW AG in 2011 and headed several strategic projects and initiatives before taking over leadership for the software development area in 2015. After studying Computing and Operational Research in Dortmund and Leeds, Mr. Gerwing worked in different expert and management positions at SAP SE. Subsequently he consulted companies from different industries in executing strategic development projects as a freelancer.

Nils Effertz

Nils Effertz leads ICW’s international sales and U.S. business as CEO of the U.S. subsidiary ICW Inc., as well as Corporate Finance. Born and raised in Cologne, Germany, Mr. Effertz has spent most of the past 20 years in the United States, including successful stints with Hewlett-Packard and in Management Consulting. As a German and American citizen, a Corporate Finance major with MSc and MBA degrees, the common thread in Mr. Effertz’ career is his passion for Healthcare and Technology – always looking for win-win themes with international business partners.

Nils Efferts, Executive of InterComponentWare AG (ICW)

Supervisory Board Members

Prof. Dr. Christof Hettich (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)

Klaus-Joachim Krauth (Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
Managing Director, Astra Holding GmbH

Berthold Wipfler
Tax Consultant