Herbert Stöger

Herbert Stöger is the CEO of the holding company of the xt group (x-tention AG) and has been a Managing Director of ICW GmbH since May 2020. At ICW GmbH he is responsible for the divisions finance, controlling and human resources.

Herbert Stöger gained experience in the field of health IT in various positions over many years before he became self-employed. He founded his first company in 1999 and x-tention Austria in 2001. He is the founder, developer and majority owner of the x-tention group.

Dr. Ralf Brandner

Dr. Ralf Brandner studied medical informatics at the University of Heidelberg and the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences until 1998. Afterwards he worked as a research assistant at the Heidelberg University Hospital and received his doctorate from Heidelberg University in 2002.
Since 2004 Dr. Ralf Brandner has been working for ICW in various areas of responsibility. In April 2017 he was appointed to the Executive Board and is responsible for Sales and Marketing, Customer Projects and Finance. For many years he has been involved in different standards organizations and industry associations at the national and international level in various areas of responsibility. Dr. Ralf Brandner has been a member of the bvitg board since September 2019.

Dr. Ralf Brandner, Executive of InterComponentWare AG (ICW)