HL7 Version 3

It is especially the further development of the HL7 standard that, in its Version 3, currently forms the basis for a modern information model and for the development of eHealth solutions. All ICW solutions are based on HL7 Version 3, and the structure of ICW eHealth Framework is based on the Reference Information Model (RIM) of HL7.


HL7 Version 2.x

Aside from its fundamental orientation on HL7 Version 3, ICW’s integration components in particular support HL7 2.x, which is currently the most widely used version. In many countries, this message oriented standard forms the basis for sharing medical data, and it has been intensively worked into the development of ICW's solutions. We are currently involved actively in various working groups and technical committees in Europe and the USA to implement and further develop the HL7 standard.

More informations: http://www.hl7.org

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