In its profiles, IHE describes the medical use case and the transactions that occur between the different actors. For the technical implementation, IHE prescribes in what fashion which standards shall be applied.

IHE specifies profiles for the area of IT infrastructure as well as for medical specialities, for example radiology. To ensure higher quality and better user acceptance for the profiles, specifications for new profile are run through multiple iterations of a feedback cycle before they are published in a Technical Framework.

At connectathons held yearly in North America, Europe and Asia, software manufacturers have opportunity to test the interoperability of their software against each other. Test results are verified by independent technical managers. If their software complies with the specifications of the Technical Framework, manufacturers can publish the actors they have implemented in an Integration Statement.

ICW is an active member in several national-level IHE organizations. We have been participating at connectathons in Europe and North America since 2007. The Integration Statements below show the IHE profiles and actors that ICW solutions can support:



Integration Statement Orchestra eHealth Suite 2020



Integration Statement ICW eHealth Suite 2019



Integration Statement ICW eHealth Suite 2018



Integration Statement ICW eHealth Suite 2017



Integration Statement ICW Master Patient Index 2016

Integration Statement ICW Professional Exchange Server 2016