“I want to manage my health myself.”

Carina Vollmar has found her balance. For this avid blogger from Frankfurt, it involves two important things first and foremost: a balanced diet and keeping in shape. She now has over 50,000 followers on Instagram and her blog. We asked her what she thinks of the electronic insurance record and how she feels it benefits her.

What kind of content would you want to see in an insurance record?

Definitely access to all kinds of treatment information from hospitals and my primary care doctor. Then I would have a perfect overview. But I also think it’s important to have emergency information in there in case something happens. And an electronic vaccination record, because I’m always looking for that when I want to travel somewhere. But if I have that information in digital form, then I can see right away which immunizations I still need.


What do you feel are the benefits of a record like this?

Having all the information on hand and being able to understand my own medical history easily. For one thing, I can look up the exact diagnosis and medications prescribed after seeing my primary care doctor and discuss them with my pharmacist or my family. For another, I can give my doctor access to information from an operation that might have happened three years ago if I get injured again. Otherwise I might forget that. But one thing has to be clear before I use the record: I have to be able to decide who gets access to what information. Managing that has to be simple and straightforward, like what I’m used to with social networks.


Do you think it’s important to have access to health information for family members (parents or children) when necessary?

It makes a lot of things simpler. Especially when you don’t all live in the same house, then you can keep an eye on your parents’ health information and vice versa. Of course, the doctor’s advice matters to me, but I also like to discuss at home what’s going on with my health and what would be best to do at that point.


Do you think that people will behave in a more health-conscious way if they can look at their medical information any time they want?

I already have a very health-conscious lifestyle myself. But if my medical information is all gathered together in one place in electronic form, then in a way I become my own health manager. And if the health record can also send push notifications to remind me of things like taking medication, checkup dates, etc., then I would be even more aware about managing my health. In general, I think a good web portal with useful advice on healthy living is very important. We all know how much half-true and false information gets spread over the Internet—a reliable source with accurate advice would be incredibly valuable, even for me.


How trustworthy do you consider an electronic record from your health insurance company?

I belong to a generation that manages a lot of everyday things digitally, so I think that moving into the digital world is important in healthcare too. I want to manage my health myself, with simple and effective tools. Because your health is the most important thing you have. Data protection plays a major part here, no question. That’s why I expect the health insurance companies that are offering me tools like this to protect my data effectively.

„Focus on the things that make you happy and that way find your balance in all areas of life.“