Collaboration Extensions

Value-adding services for improved collaboration among service providers and patients

Integrated Forms

Creation of customer-specific forms in a structured manner through healthcare professionals and patients

The Integrated Forms Module enables a high-quality capture of structured data by healthcare professionals and patients. This enables entering electronic questionnaires and capturing administrative or clinical information, such as information during anamnesis or after care. Once the forms have been approved by the user, they are available in the cross-enterprise electronic medical record

Secure Messaging

Secure communication between healthcare professionals and patients

The Secure Messaging Module provides a message based infrastructure for secure and directed communication between patients and healthcare professionals. The efficient and structured exchange of messages can be enriched with shortcuts to information from the cross-enterprise electronic medical record. In the Provider Portal Module, healthcare professionals can easily link to documents or to complete medical records. In the Patient Portal Module, patients can see this information in a secured environment and communicate with the sending healthcare provider.


Storage and exchange of patient appointments

The Appointments module stores diagnostic and treatment appointments in an easily accessible, structured format. The module receives appointments through commonly used HL7v2 messages. Web and mobile applications can access the appointments using modern HL7 FHIR interfaces exposed by the App Connect module. In essence, the Appointments module acts as a mediator between existing hospital systems and the applications used by patients and external service providers.