Community Health Record

Secure cross-enterprise medical data exchange

Document & Image Exchange

Secure storage and reliable interoperable exchange of medical documents and images

The Document & Image Exchange Module contains an IHE XDS compliant directory of registered documents and images (Document Registry) and a central storage for saving documents (Document Repository). Moreover, existing, decentralized document and imaging archives can be integrated. An embedded subscription / notification function informs connected systems actively about new or changed data. The module provides elaborate authorization functionality and can also check access rights based on electronic patient consent information.

Clinical Data Repository

Storage and exchange of structured medical data

The Clinical Data Repository Module stores structured medical data such as laboratory values, diagnoses, procedures, medications, immunizations, vital signs and allergies. It provides various HL7 interfaces and thus ensures a secure receipt of the data. Through the integration with the Document & Image Exchange Module, data can be extracted from structured medical documents and made available via On-Demand Document. Integrated functions for deduplication and aggregation of multiple existing data help you to keep an eye on the relevant medical information.

Patient Consent Manager

Create and manage electronic patient consents

The Patient Consent Manager Module makes it easy to create and manage electronic patient consents. This ensures a cross-enterprise data exchange which is always compliant to data privacy regulations. Through the graphical user interface, general or organization specific consents can be created for a patient and saved as a document. The Document & Image Exchange Module evaluates these consents and automatically adjusts the access rights to the cross-enterprise medical record. The existing consent documents can be displayed and deactivated selectively, if the patient wishes to withdraw his consent.