Connectivity Extensions

Exchange patient data with apps and other healthcare networks

App Connect

Integrating web and mobile applications using FHIR interfaces

The App Connect Module provides anything necessary to securely and efficiently connect web and mobile applications via HL7 FHIR® interfaces. Modern resource-oriented interfaces (“REST”) allow read and write access to an individual cross-enterprise electronic medical record. Any access to medical and administrative data is subject to authorization checks.

Cross Community Connect

Exchange of patient data with other healthcare networks

The Cross Community Connect Module provides IHE compliant interfaces for the exchange of patient data with other healthcare networks. Documents can be exchanged with other networks and can be viewed in a separate cross community view in the Provider Portal Module.

NPI Connect

Synchronization of data with national healthcare professional directories

The NPI Connect (National Provider Index) Module is an extension to the Provider Directory Module, that allows bi-directional synchronization between one’s own directory of healthcare professionals and organizations and a national healthcare professional directory. This enriches the own directory data quality and can help to improve matching results in the Module Provider Directory. In addition, changes in one’s own directory service can be synchronized and transferred to the corresponding national instance.

P2R Assistant

Connect medical record systems in outpatient primary care

A smooth connection of registered doctors is a decisive success factor for many connected care projects. The P2R Assistant Module (Print to Record) closes the gap between the outpatient and the inpatient sector. Doctors can have patient data ingested directly from their medical information system into a cross-enterprise electronic medical record. By merits of the direct integration with the Provider Portal Module, a doctor also gets a lightweight, web-based access to the medical record of a patient.

Message Filtering Agent

Enforce patient consent when transferring HL7 messages across the enterprise

The Message Filtering Agent Module filters messages containing data for which no patient consent for cross-enterprise data exchange exists. Until a patient explicitly consents or rejects, messages relating to this patient can be buffered. This ensures that data only leaves a medical facility when the patient has consented to the data exchange. Patient consents can be generated and managed via web interfaces as well as through the Patient Consent Manager Module and the Patient Onboarding Module.