Master Data Management

Unique identification of patients and providers across enterprises

Master Patient Index

Creation of a unique cross-enterprise patient identity with automatic assignment of patient records

The Master Patient Index Module is essential for the accurate sharing of clinical data across healthcare organizations. It is a central component of any future-oriented eHealth strategy. Using a powerful matching algorithm, it compares patient data from disparate systems, links related records under an Enterprise Unique Identifier and creates a Golden Record. The Master Patient Index can reduce duplicate records, enable an HIE to establish a community health record, enhance population health management and improve billing accuracy. The integration into existing system landscapes can be done easily via standardized interfaces based on HL7 or IHE integration profiles.

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Patient Quality Manager

Review and improve patient identity matching results

The Patient Quality Manager Module provides a graphical user interface to manage and manually link patient identity data, that in automatic matching did not have sufficiently high correlation with other patient identity data. Task lists give you a quick overview of potential matches and allow efficient comparison of related patient master data.Statistics of automatic matching results enable you to continuously check and improve the data and matching quality. In addition, the Module offers extensive configuration tools to customize the matching algorithm to your individual needs.

Provider Directory

Central directory service for consolidated healthcare professional and organization information from different source systems

The Provider Directory Module is a central directory of all healthcare professionals and organizations as well as their relationships. Using powerful algorithms, multiple entries of the same provider data can be identified and linked. Especially when integrating local systems from different organizations, the automatic generation of a unique healthcare professional identity delivers an important added value for cross-enterprise use of healthcare professional data. Standardized interfaces relying on HL7 and IHE integration profiles allow you to store, query and export healthcare professional and organization information. The creation of digital identity certificates (tokens) and their enrichment with relevant healthcare professional data creates a central, cross-enterprise authentication service.

Provider Quality Manager

Manages the merging of healthcare professional identity data from different data sources

The Provider Quality Manager Module provides a graphical user interface that allows you to manage and manually match newly received provider identity data, that in automatic matching did not have sufficiently high correlation with existing provider identity data. For this purpose, the Provider Quality Manager Module provides an overview of already existing and merged healthcare professional identities and suggests suitable candidates for manual matching. This results in a central directory with the highest possible data quality.