Patient Engagement

Involve patients in their own treatment

Patient Onboarding

Creation of a user account and linking it to the corresponding cross-enterprise electronic medical record

With the Patient Onboarding Module, patients can easily create their user accounts. This allows them to use different services. For example, patients can access a web-based patient portal and enable apps to access the account. The two-step self-registration process with e-mail address verification warrants the required security. After the registration process is completed, patients can link user accounts with their individual cross-enterprise electronic medical record. Moreover, in the Patient Onboarding Module patients can manage their consents to data transfer and authorize apps for data access. The required authorization and authentication of the apps is performed via OAuth2.

Patient Portal

Access to their cross-enterprise electronic medical record and to integrated value-adding services for patients

The Patient Portal Module includes patients and their relatives into the treatment team. It provides patients with a view of their medical data, e.g. medical report, laboratory values, or diagnoses in their cross-enterprise electronic medical record. Supported by a healthcare professional search, patients quickly find doctors and organizations in their vicinity.