Provider Engagement

Involve general practitioners in the treatment process

Provider Onboarding

Create a user account and a provider entry in the directory service and verify the link between this entry and his practice

With the Provider Onboarding module, you can create a user account and use different services. For example, you can access patient data shared through a web-based provider portal or via apps. After registration, you can connect to your associated organization, the required authorization and authentication of these apps is performed through OAuth2.

Provider Portal

Access to cross-enterprise electronic medical records and value-adding services for healthcare professionals

The Provider Portal Module provides you with an easy, web-based access to cross-enterprise electronic medical records. You can quickly see a summary of the entire patient record, select or sort documents, images, and structured medical data with various filter, grouping, and history functions, and view the data in detail. In addition, you can use various communication services integrated in the Provider Portal. These include the secure exchange of messages in the context of a medical record, notifications of newly added documents based on self-managed subscriptions, uploading of documents, and electronic forms management.