Security Extensions

Create and enforce electronic patient consents

ICW eHealth Suite Diagram - Patient Consent Manager

Patient Consent Manager

Create and manage electronic patient consents

The Patient Consent Manager Module makes it easy to create and manage electronic patient consents. This ensures a cross-enterprise data exchange which is always compliant to data privacy regulations. Through the graphical user interface, general or organization specific consents can be created for a patient and saved as a document.

The Document & Image Exchange Module evaluates these consents and automatically adjusts the access rights to the cross-enterprise medical record. The existing consent documents can be displayed and deactivated selectively, if the patient wishes to withdraw his consent.

ICW eHealth Suite Diagram - Message Filtering Agent

Message Filtering Agent

Enforce patient consent when transferring HL7 messages across the enterprise

The Message Filtering Agent Module filters messages containing data for which no patient consent for cross-enterprise data exchange exists. Until a patient explicitly consents or rejects, messages relating to this patient can be buffered.

This ensures that data only leaves a medical facility when the patient has consented to the data exchange. Patient consents can be generated and managed via web interfaces as well as through the Patient Consent Manager Module and the Patient Onboarding Module.